The Long Awaited Underground Mass Email Sender is Here!

Time after time we have been asking for the release of TEAR: Total Email Auto Responder

Well guess what! It’s finally here and this email sending software is more powerful than ever! With the ability to set a multi-response autoresponder and upload mass email lists from any .txt file you will be the new king of email marketing!

Here is a pretty simple video that shows some of these awesome features available with the total email auto responder.  And if you think it looks slightly complicated then don’t! It took me 1/10 of the time to get super good with this software than it took me to learn how facebook worked haha

Seriously this must be one of the most sexy marketing tools I have ever seen especially after I saw how much traffic it was generating me. You can take a old dead list of email leads and shoot them through this baby to see more conversions than you ever thought possible.

Still not convinced that you need this product?
Try to log into your Aweber or GetResponse account and upload a massive list of bought or scraped email leads. I guarentee you one of 2 things. Either your account will get banned or you will get a warning asking you where you got these leads from and that they will be unable to send the emails. This won’t happen with the best email autoresponder – TEAR!